SmartJacket Wireless Sensors

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The SmartJacket system integrates wireless sensors with highly efficient insulation, capturing and reporting true energy savings while tracking real-time component health and overall system function.

Data is collected on the battery-powered SmartJacket sensors and transmitted wirelessly to a nearby gateway, which in turn sends it over the cloud to the EET web portal

Put the SmartJacket to work for you:

  • Install on steam traps for real-time health monitoring
  • Determine insulation effectiveness under real conditions
  • Special applications include freeze protection & condensate tank monitoring
  • Non-invasive installation
  • Removes easily for service
  • Cellular data (no IT required)
The SmartJacket is designed to save money and prove it.  If incentives are available in your area EET can facilitate application process from start to finish.  In most cases, incentives will cover up to 50% of project costs!

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